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Helpful Installation Tools: Paper Towels, Squeegee, needle, window cleaner and a strong card side flat object. For a easier way to keep your decal straight try using masking tape to mark a line.

For best installation result the surface of where you place the decal should b over 50 degrees F. and below 90 degrees F. If possible move vehicel into an area where it can warm or cool to preffered temp and out of the wind.

All Decals areĀ made forĀ ouside window use and the surface should be clean of dirt, dust and waxes. and if applying decal outside please try to use the shade and stay out of direct sunlight on window.

Once the decal touches the surface it can not be removed and put back on once stuck its there for good.

also be careful of decal placement wiper blades and ice scrappers will tear the decal off in cold weather.